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Introducing Jabra Enhance Plus

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Jabra Enhance

What is the point of selling atypical / recreational style hearing products?

The Jabra Enhance are fashionable, light-weight, rechargeable, while helping with mild hearing loss, and are less costly compared to hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance

What is the price point for the product alone? What is the price point for purchasing through LACHB and what do you get with the latter?

The Jabra headphones are $799 for the product alone. Purchasing at LACHB, the Jabra headphones are $995, and you receive the charger as well as a warranty which covers loss protection and repair warranty. This warranty covers cleanings, checkups, & hearing tests at our office. Additionally, our warranty helps cover you (for a deductible) in the case that you lose your device(s).

Who is the ideal customer / patient for Jabra Enhance? Is it for everyone?

Here at the Los Angeles Center for Anyone with mild hearing loss that would like amplification without the cost (or stigma) of hearing aids would benefit from the Jabra Enhance. Due to their modern style, they are geared towards a younger crowd who would also like bluetooth compatibility.

Jabra Enhance
Jabra Enhance

What stigma do the Jabra Enhance break out of regarding the look and feel of a hearing aid?

Up until now, the general desire for hearing aids were for discretion, or even invisibility. The reason behind this was due to hearing loss and tinnitus patients not wanting their disability to be known. However, Jabra Enhance breaks out of this mindset, because while they function as hearing devices, they look like your standard recreational headphone - similar to Airpods or Galaxy Buds! By resembling a typical consumer product, the Jabra Enhance helps the listener ‘blend in’ as opposed to being potentially embarrassed by their hearing devices.

What are the features of Jabra Enhance?

  • Digital noise reduction to block out background noise.
  • Speech-in-noise capabilities to assist you in hearing your call, even in loud environments.
  • A 10 hour battery, with up to 30 hours of rechargeability with the carry case.
  • Three different sizes of EarGels for a snug and secure fit.

How do they look different from a traditional hearing aid?

The Jabra Enhance are like earbuds and fit comfortably in the ear canal. They are discrete while providing amplification.

By Anish Thakkar, Au.D.