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Diagnostic Audiology

Man receiving standard hearing test

Standard Hearing Test

A standard hearing test measures the sensitivity of a person’s hearing across the full range of speech (250-8000Hz). The goal is to measure the quietest sound that can be heard at several points across the speech range to determine any potential issues.

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Woman receiving comprehensive hearing test

Comprehensive Hearing Test

A comprehensive hearing test builds on the standard test by adding bone-conduction hearing tests and speech tests. These tests help the doctors at LAENT diagnose middle ear problems and determine hearing acuity, They can also help find other potential issues that could be missed through the standard hearing test.

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Man wearing tympanogram device


A Tympanogram is a graphic representation of how the eardrum moves in response to the air pressure in the ear canal. The purpose of tympanometry is to assess the state of the middle ear. Doctors at LAENT often use tympanograms alongside hearing tests to determine the hearing health of the patient.

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Baby receiving otoacoustic emissions test

OAEs (Otoacoustic Emissions)

OAEs are sounds given off by the tiny hairs of your inner ear when responding to a sound. The test measures the presence of those sounds to determine inner ear damage. It is conducted in silence, with a probe and a microphone placed in the ear to monitor the sound.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can be sudden or gradual. It is one of the most common conditions in older adults; nearly half of those over 70 have trouble hearing. Because of this, many people think of hearing loss as something that only affects the elderly.

However, noise exposure, diabetes, and myriad other factors can lead to hearing loss at any age. No matter how old you are, having an audiogram establishes your current baseline for your hearing, so that audiologists have something to compare to in the future to determine if you might need a hearing aid.

If you do find out that you need a hearing aid, here are some of the reputable brands we carry at LAENT:

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Hearing Protection | Custom Audio

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Surf & Swim plugs

Surf or Swim plugs are custom-fitted floatable silicone plugs that let some sound in and keep water out. Swim & Surf plugs are suitable for surfing, swimming, kayaking, diving, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and other water activities.

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Musician & Concert

For musicians and music aficionados that want to protect their ears without sacrificing audio fidelity, Musician & Concert plugs are the ideal solution. Protect your ears and rock on!

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Sleep Plugs

Living in the LA County area, we are not strangers to excess noise while trying to sleep! Sleep plugs keep a low profile, and sit a bit deeper in the ear canal to allow side-sleepers to rest comfortably.

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Custom Earphones

Audiophiles are some of our favorite patients here at LACHB! If you are already treating yourself with top-notch earphones, we can help improve your listening experience exponentially with fitted custom earphones. This is a natural way to cancel noise while improving the fidelity of your earphones.

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In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear Monitors, or ‘In-Ears,’ are a special category of headphones commonly worn by live performers. While traditional headphones deliver sound over the ear, in-ear monitors transmit sound through tiny pieces in the ear canal. The acoustic benefits of a hermetic seal greatly improve the listening experience!

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What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is commonly described as a ringing in the ears, but it can sound like roaring, clicking, hissing, or buzzing. It may be soft or loud, high-pitched or low-pitched. You might hear it in either one or both ears.

If you’ve experienced persistent or even temporary tinnitus LA Center for Hearing and Balance audiologists can help you track it and define it. This will help determine methods to alleviate the intensity of your tinnitus if and when it comes back, and promote a healthier lifestyle in the process.

Man wearing hearing aid
Scope looking into woman's ear for ear wax treatment

Cerumen (Earwax) Management

Good intentions to keep ears clean may be risking your ability to hear. The ear canal is a delicate and intricate area, including the outer skin and ESPECIALLY the eardrum. Therefore, special care should be given to this part of the body.

Start by discontinuing the use of cotton-tipped applicators and the habit of probing your own ears. At LACHB, we consider cerumen removal, also known as earwax removal to be an essential service we proudly provide to the LA County community.

Inner Ear and Balance

Your vestibular system includes organs, nerves, and structures that reside in your inner ear. Simply put, it is your body’s main center of balance. Because of this, audiologists are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat vestibular disorders that cause vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Audiologists, alongside ENT doctors and Neurologists, are experts in helping patients rehabilitate from vestibular disorders such as BPPV or Meniere’s Disease. They can help improve gaze and posture stability, perform canalith repositioning maneuvers, and alongside ENT doctors, treat labyrinthitis and vestibular neuritis.

Dr. Anish Thakkar

Meet Dr. Thakkar

Dr. Anish Thakkar is originally from New York City, and specializes in amplification, tinnitus management, and hearing protection. Dr. Thakkar is a proud alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he studied International Studies & Japanese.

After a brief career in freelance translation and international education, he moved to sunny San Diego to earn the Au.D. at UC San Diego & San Diego State University. He completed his residency at the UNC Hearing & Communication Center, worked abroad in Tokyo, and returned to California to join an Oakland-based private practice in 2017.

(We're also pet friendly!)

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He moved down to LA from SF in 2020, and in his free time enjoys cooking, concerts, language exchange, and playing the dhol – a North Indian folk drum. He loves his neighborhood of Echo Park & Chinatown, and can be found exploring their numerous parks and restaurants on weekends. Dr. Thakkar often incorporates ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices) into customized hearing solutions for his patients, and presented his research on ALDs at the American Academy of Audiology annual conference in Indianapolis. He is happy to provide an Audiological consultation in English, Spanish, Japanese, or Hindi!

  • American Academy of Audiology, certified member, since 2017
  • General Alumni Association member, UNC - Chapel Hill since 2010
  • Guest Speaker at Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), East Bay Chapter

Dr. Thakkar is a preferred provider for JH Audio and Ultimate Ears, and has since continued to strive towards a brand of patient-centered care and Audiological excellence.

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